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Review: Jaron Lanier talks about the failure of Web 2.0 with Aleks Krotoski

Review: Jaron Lanier talks about the failure of Web2.0 with Aleks Krotoski.

Jaron’s brand of big-brained loftier-than-thou ideas are nothing of the sort. He’s as much a (technorati) mobster as the “mundane Masses” he vilifies. What he’s so blind to for web 2.0 is something he probably doesn’t engage much in – socializing. You know, shooting-the-shit? Everything has to be so wrapped up in cerebral pontification he mistakenly used super-glue instead of scotch tape – hard to break through that to the enlightenment within. Yeah, some people are mundane and like stupid cat photos and Jackass-dumbification. What he doesn’t see is any value in doing so. It’s like he was hoping for a Renaissance and all he got was the Dark Ages. Really? How about simply engaging with others without, you know, having a point? Sharing positive emotion (and the latest Gallifinakis ‘Between Two Ferns’ interview)?

I like how at the end he throws the overall internet a bone as he tramples over web 2.0. I think he misses the point. The best use of technology, in my opinion, is the way it brings people together – virtual, or real. Forget datings sites – think Meetups, Evites, Groupon – and, oh yeah, dating sites. I am more connected to my relatives in Guam than I’ve ever been.

What’s up with THAT Jaron? Maybe you are so enamored of your walled garden you don’t want the Visigoths at the gates to trample on your intellectual flowers ikibanaed so nicely next to your well-selected web 2.0 bon mots? Hmm Jaron, hmmm? Oh, here’s a really funny FML – don’t forward it to Jaron, he won’t get it.