If you still think SEO is still about Title and H1 tags…

…then you’ve got another ‘think’ coming. And just because you had this sudden revelation that in today’s digital world that optimizing for search engines isn’t the end-all be-all, could you just go away.

You’re stressing me out.

And just because you trash SEO as just being about changing tags, and start repeating the last thing you read, a.k.a. “SEO is dead!’ – please keep your so-called revelations to yourself. That is soooo 2005.

If this advances your agenda of getting some props for pushing the trendy topic du jour (can you say “Content Marketing”) can you do me a favor and go over to that corner? That’s where the kids toys are.

SEO has advanced far beyond title, H1 and keyword density (although that’s a start). It’s been my career for nearly a decade, and until you have increased a website’s traffic by 2,800%, I really think you should sit back down and STFU!

SEO now involves:

  • Analytics
  • Usability
  • Content
  • Code
  • ASO (AppStore Optimization)
  • Local Search

…and a billion other things. I love the look of surprise when the work I do comes to fruition, and the client/employer says ‘Wow, I guess SEO does work!’ I just look back with a knowing look, and nod my head. Of course, what did you expect when you hired an SEO specialist?

All I did was prove I am one.